All-New All-Different Forecast: October Week 1

By Jon Durmin Holey moley true believers! Can you believe we’re already entering into the all-new, all-different Marvel U? (A post-Secret Wars existence! (I wouldn’t blame you if you can’t given the repeated delays

Top 10 Tuesday: Bad Gone Good

By Kevin McVicker Sometimes all it takes is Spider-Man or Thor punching you in the face to turn your life around. Let’s take a look at some characters that made the correct choice, but

Battleworld Forecast: Sept . . . October!

By Jon Durmin Well Body Politic buddies, it’s our last month of Battleworld books. As you may have noticed back in August new titles were few and far between, and this month things are

Top 10 Tuesday: Marvel Gadgets, Tools, and Weapons

By Kevin McVicker There are a ton of cool gadgets, tools, and weapons in the Marvel Universe, but which ones are the top ten? Look no further than bellow for the answer to that

Top 10 Tuesday: Marvel Contributors

By Kevin McVicker Okay… so this article took me three days of research to complete. That’s a lot for me considering I can usually bang out a thousand word essay in less than two

M6P #86: The Most Uninteresting Avengers

Tigra and Wonder Man, what a pair! Hidey Ho, kiddos!  It’s time again for everyone to gather round and let Grandpa Jarid regail you with stories of grand old yore.  He will tell you

616 Releases and Covers (09/16/2015)

MARVEL COMICS JUL150743     AGE OF APOCALYPSE #4 SWA     $3.99 JUL150820     AGENT CARTER SHIELD 50TH ANNIVERSARY #1     $3.99 JUN150803     ALL NEW HAWKEYE #5     $3.99 JUL150752     ARMOR WARS #5