Top 10 Awful Avengers Teams

Earth’s Worst Defenders: Ten Awful Avengers’ Line-Ups Whether due to poor writing, art, concept, or just pathetic characters, The Avengers have been a team with a sordid past of line-ups. Some have been great,

Isn’t That Just A Kick In The Red Skull?

The main villain of AXIS returns or does he for his own limited series? “Red Skull” will be written by Josh Williamson with art by Luca Pizzari which takes place on Battleworld during Marvel’s

Secret Wars Brings Back Spider-Island

Christos Gage and Tom DeFalco bring the MC2 Universe along with Spider-Man favorites for Spider-Island! This new book for Marvel’s Secret Wars crossover will contain two stories running alongside each other. The first half

Captain Britain and The Mighty Defenders Rocket to Secret Wars

Al Ewing and Alan Davis will bring us the latest Secret Wars title with “Captain Britain and The Mighty Defenders.” The book will focus on Faiza Hussain as she takes on the role of

616 Covers (03/25/2015)

Hail Hydra Says Remender For Secret Wars

Hail Hydra is today’s Marvel reveal for the upcoming Secret Wars crossover. The book will be written by Rick Remender with art by Roland Boschi. Ian (Nomad – Captain America‘s adopted son) will be

616 Releases (03/25/2015)

I can’t help but admit that there’s a lot I’m looking forward to here!  All the Black Vortex tie-ins are going to be golden (I know that’s debatable, so don’t judge me).  Of course