X-Men 1

Another Story of Epic Proportions from Kevin McVicker!!!

As a kid who used to scrounge for pennies and nickels to buy my comics, I use to drool over the advertisements for Marvel video games and dream of buying them one day. As it so happened, although I was never able to own these games as a kid, thanks to friends and years later to emulators I was able to get my hands on most of the Marvel NES games and play them.



Today’s Guest Post By First Time 616 Writer Jonathon Doorman!

From the vantage of anecdotal experience it is an inevitability which any conversation between geeks will inevitably turn to the topic of comparing different properties or organizations. Comparisons of Star Wars and Star Trek, rival sports teams, competing video game systems, different albums by favorite bands; if it’s somebody’s passion there will be somebody else with whom to argue about the merits and flaws therein.