By Darrin Michael

These days, all of the writers (and followers) of the 616 have been increasingly engaging in more conversations about how the Marvel comic and movie universes tie into one another. Between Fox, Marvel and Sony there have been countless changes made in the movies centered around the comic characters we’ve all grown up loving.

Some I feel have been for the positive, some for the negative and some…

Some have me asking some questions.



By Kevin McVicker

Recently there have been rumors that everyone’s favorite floating head (unless you’re a big Pee Wee’s Playhouse fan) is going to be in the next Captain America movie. That’s correct, the latest rumor is that MODOK will be appearing in the 3rd Captain America movie. Not only is this most likely false and far too early to speculate, but this is also an incredibly poor decision. That doesn’t mean that he should be nixed from the Marvel Cinematic Universe altogether though.

The Real Jarid Mayo

A Peak Behind the Curtain

We often times idolize those that we look up to.  But sometimes when we really get to know that person, we see that they are just a regular guy…or a average Joe…the CHILD-HATING MONSTER that we didn’t know that we idolized.  It’s TRUE, I HEARD THE WHOLE THING!!!!  One (if not both) of our hosts totally don’t like kids and would rather live a long self-fulfilling life full of other people’s children.  What will we do with all this free time?  Isn’t it obvious?  CUDDLE!!!!!  That’s right!  We will CUDDLE while listening to Tina and doing the (patent-pending) Tina Mayo Workouts.  We will CUDDLE while Jennifer takes her daily two hour naps.  We will CUDDLE while we drown broken bunnies and nurse runts back to health.  We will CUDDLE as we sit on the couch and correct Andy’s misinformation about the Marvel U.  We will CUDDLE while we play cards and guess animals and watch Charade and play charades and drink energy drinks and eat every two hours and workout once a day and read Storm comics and post on Facebook and watch the news and go to youth group and watch viral videos.  THIS IS MARVEL 616 POLITICS, AND WE WILL CUDDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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And remember, until next time, make yours Marvel 616 Politics!