By Kevin McVicker

I’m still not sure what it was about X-Men 2099, possibly it was Ron Lim’s impeccable artwork, but from the moment I picked it up I was hooked. This was the first series that I collected the entire set (including the two one-shot graphic novels), and to this day I’m still extremely proud of that. Xi’an is one of my favorite X-Men and favorite X-Men villain. Junkpile became a favorite character of mine after he became an enforcer for President Doom. Skullfire’s powerset reminded me of Havok’s, and I loved the way it was presented on the pages of the books. All-in-all, I took extra time to loving fancast this team since I hold them in such high esteem. And while this movie will never see the light of day, my only hope is that maybe my exaltation of them will encourage a few new readers to go back and pick up this short-lived series.


by Kevin McVicker!!

This week on 616 Interviews I had a rare chance to sit down with our very own white knight, Moon Knight. This reclusive vigilante takes on the visage of the Egyptian god Khonshu to fight crime. I was hoping to discuss his hopes, dreams, and mental state, but we became side tracked by other topics.