My Marvel Saga

  by Jon Durmin I was four years old and my parents had recently relocated with me to Iowa City, the third place I’d lived in my short life. The public library was closed,

Differing Dimension: Age of Ultron

By Nick Taylor Welcome to the latest edition of “Differing Dimensions!” Every month, we’ll explore those alternate universe and realities OUTSIDE of the 616 Universe! How do they tie into the 616? Will Marvel

616 Interviews – Batroc The Leaper

by kevin mcvicker!! Today we’re talking to everyone’s favorite French mercenary: Batroc the Leaper. He’s possibly the best known savateur in the world, which is incredibly sad because he’s not a real person. Today

M6P #72: Salvage Andy Kirby

  Right Next to the Wine Warehouse Soooooo…I always come on here every time we put an episode out and just write whatever comes to mind and then try to link it to the

616 Interviews – Dazzler

With the recent history being retconned so that the 616 basically started in the early to mid-90s, we talk to Dazzler who apparently was trying to restart the boogie while Seattle based grunge rock

616 Interviews – Doop

   By Kevin McVicker

Sometimes Your Mom Was Right

By Kevin McVicker   With the recent release of the covers for the future Spider-Woman series, parts of the comic book community have blown up with accusations of misogyny and over sexualization of women.