616 Interviews – The Punisher

By Kevin McVicker This week we sat down with the supposed most proficient mass murderer in the 616 because my producer is angry that I constantly mock him. Will this turn into a beautiful

M6P #74: All Axis Pass

I can’t take all this action! Boy oh boy! Can the Marvel editorial group throw some nonsense at us, or what? I’ve seen a lot of interesting things in my day, but nothing as

Marvel 616 Politics Two Week Kick-off Sale Starts Today!!!

Alright Body Politic! We’re ready for our big announcement! Starting today and continuing throughout the next two weeks, you’ll be able to order your very own Marvel 616 Politics Official t-shirt on our SellSpirit.com

616 Things – Colossus

By Clay Pauley As a boy there were only a few things that ever left me undone at first sight. Ranking up there with my first N64 and arriving at Disneyland, is when I

616 Interviews – Scarlet Witch

By Kevin McVicker   Today we’re going to be talking to Scarlet Witch. “Which witch,” you may be asking yourself if you’re into puns. Scarlet Witch is best known for culling almost her entire

616 Interviews (Retro Edition) – Wolverine

By Kevin McVicker! We have an extra special edition of 616 Interviews for you today featuring none other than Wolverine! This was one of the very first 616 Interviews conducted over twenty years ago.

M6P #73: Time Running Out to March to the Death of Wolverine

  A lot going on, right? Now there’s really no good reason that we should keep reading comics.  Prices are skyrocketing, Wolverine is dying, time is running out, and Deadpool is jumping the shark