Top 10 Tuesday: Civil War Moments

By Aaron Schappell Springing off the popularity of the upcoming movie, these are the top 10 moments of Mark Millar’s Civil War storyline. Much loved by some and highly criticized by die-hard Marvel fans,

All-New, All-Different Forecast: December – Week 1

By Jon Durmin Inhumans face off with mutants for the All-New dollars of readers! Does diversity inspire innovation!?!? Plus, a couple of Sky-Scraper-scaling crime-fighters head back to old haunts in this week’s seven All

What If? Uncanny X-Force

By Marius V. Welcome to another “What If?” article by yours truly! We’ll be taking a look at Marvel’s Uncanny X-Force: Vol. 1 by Rick Remender. Most of this series’ 37 issues revolves around

Happy Thanksgiving – Marvel Style

We hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving! We searched high and low and found the best Marvel Thanksgiving images the internet had to offer! We put them right here for you! So

M6P #88: Limbo and the Time Travel Conundrum

Seems Legit! There’s a lot I don’t understand about how things in the Marvel Universe work.  I’m not sure how anyone in their right mind can think that setting up shop in a little

Captain America: Civil War Trailer and Posters Debut

On our Facebook page, we got the trailer to you just seconds after it debuted on Jimmy Kimmel! However, in case you missed it we wanted to have it for you here too! Not

All-Different Forecast: November –Week 4

By Jon Durmin A double-dose of Spider-ful tales by Robbie Thompson this week gives his fans something to be thankful for! Suffering sauropods! Jack Kirby creation Devil Dinosaur is back this week too, with