Why Sony and Marvel Are Better Off Alone

By Nick Taylor Every single form of social media is talking about it, which in turn means that every single person you know is talking about it.  Even my boss is talking about it!  

Marvel Versus: Quasar and Nova

Hello, I’m the Watcher.   Throughout my extended life I have watched the Earth as heroes rise and villains fall. Sometimes a villain rises and a hero falls. And sometimes, just sometimes a hero

Q and A: Greg Pak

By Jarid Mayo   Do you hear that sound? The trumpets have sounded and we have been blessed to interview the one and only Greg Pak! Mr. Pak is the current writer of Storm,

M6P #75: 75th Anniversary

Now the real fun begins! You can’t imagine how often I sit back and fall into my comfortable day dreams about what could have been.  Oh, if only I had made this choice instead

Marvel Versus: Storm and Captain Marvel

By Kevin McVicker

616 Things – Storm

By Jarid Mayo Storm of the X-Men. She’s been around since her first appearance in 1975 in Giant Sized X-Men #1. She’s been a mainstay of the team serving longer than almost any other

If It Were A Movie – Storm (Casting with Kang)

By Kevin McVicker In celebration of Storm week we are doing an extra special “If It Were A Movie” where we are not only picking our cast from all of film history, but we