Secret Wars Gets Weird in Marvel’s Weirdworld

We’ve got a new Marvel series debut announcement – Weirdworld! Weirdworld takes its name from a Marvel series in the 1970’s. This series will focus on (of all people) Arkon. Arkon is stuck in

616 Covers (03/04/2015)

Secret Wars Brings Back X-Tinction Agenda

Jarid’s favorite X-Over of all time is back! X-Tinction Agenda returns for Marvel’s Secret Wars! X-Tinction Agenda originally took place just before the teams were divided into Blue and Gold in the early 90’s.

616 Releases (03/04/2015)

So what do we have this week?  Let’s see what Lemire can do with Marvel’s archer!  We have the new costume and new leaf of Jessica Jones as well as the premier title of

Korvac Saga Arrives For Secret Wars

The newest title to be added to Marvel’s Secret Wars crossover this summer – Korvac Saga! This series will follow the Guardians 3000 (Guardians of the Galaxy in the year 3000) as they act

Rogue Roulette – Black Widow

How could I be on the tenth, the TENTH Rogue’s Roulette article and only attempted to bolster the file of foes for one female foiler of the fiendish (Storm) in lo these many months?

The Runaways Run Away to Battleworld

The Runaways are back!