Who Is Star-Lord’s Father?

By John Coughlin If you’ve seen the Marvel blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy you probably asked yourself “Who is Star-Lord’s Father?” You may have asked other people too. Maybe a Google search of that

Top 10 Tuesday: Marvel Couples

By John Coughlin Love. Love is love. You can’t stop love or even hope to contain it. Love can be powerful. Maybe all Galactus needs is a good hug. Valentines Day is right around

616 Interviews – Banjo

By Kevin McVicker This week we sat down with a one-off antagonist to Spider-Man: Banjo, the giant mutated ten-year-old man-child. Now in his late twenties, we talk with him about what has happened since

Advanced SPOILER FREE Deadpool Review

By Kevin McVicker That guy from Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place has really made a name for himself, and for once I’m not talking about Nathan Fillion. I’m talking about Richard

Top 10 Tuesday: Marvel Video Games

By Kevin McVicker When devising a list of the Top 10 Marvel Video games, only actual ‘video games’ were taken into account; not mobile or Facebook gaming platforms.  I’ve put plenty of time into

616 Interviews – Dirk Anger

By Kevin McVicker This week we have the leader of H.A.T.E. and all-around fun (or terrifying) guy to party with: Dirk Anger. Being that he is now a zombie, we scooped together what little

It It Was A Movie…Fantastic Four

By Kevin McVicker With the repeated failure of the Fantastic Four movies it is inevitable whether Fox retains the rights or finally sells them off to Marvel that we will be seeing an eventual