616 Recaps (05/20/2015)

Analogies to Amaze 3: Knights in Dark and Shining Armor

Analogies to Amaze 3: Knights in Dark and Shining Armor Salutations, to you bold populace of the M6P body politic! I know now that none of you are strangers to the canny comparisons of

M6P #82: Secret Ultron Bunny Wars

Edited for Content.   Bunnies with Darth Vader helmets, spraying toilets, thousands of dollars worth of damage, and kissing in church.  All this and more we cover in our “Comic Book Podcast.”  Alright, can’t

616 Releases and Covers (05/20/2015)

MARVEL COMICS MAR150665 A-FORCE #1 SWA $3.99 MAR150697 AVENGERS WORLD #21 $3.99 FEB150782 DAREDEVIL #15.1 $4.99 MAR150644 DEADPOOLS SECRET SECRET WARS #1 SWA $4.99 MAR150736 DEATHLOK #8 $3.99 MAR150742 GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #27 $3.99

August 2015 Solicitations For Marvel!

Courtesy of Newsarama.com, we have the August 2015 Solicitations for Marvel! Lots of Secret Wars goodness along with a couple of surprises! CREDIT: Marvel Comics SECRET WARS #6 (OF 8) JONATHAN HICKMAN (w) •

First Pictures of Crossbones & Falcon From Captain America: Civil War

Thanks to JustJared!        

Asa Butterfield Is Spider-Man!

Multiple outlets are reporting that Asa Butterfield has been cast as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Marvel has yet to confirm, Butterfield’s name has been in the running for a very long